Dealers Only

Dealer's Only

Welcome Dealers, and thanks for selecting E-Z CLOR® pool care products!

We know you have many options when it comes to the brands you choose for your customers, and we are committed to maintaining your business and deserving your loyalty.

Our dealer’s only section was designed FOR dealers BY dealers, because we want to make certain you have the tools you need to grow your business. If you ever have any suggestions on how to improve these pages or questions about our products, give us a ring at (888) GRO-POOL.

With your exclusive “dealers only” ID, you’ve gained access to a variety of professional E-Z CLOR tools, including Logos, Literature, Rebates and Safety.


As an authorized E-Z CLOR® dealer, you have access to the E-Z CLOR logo for use with your promotional materials. Please be sure to adhere to the brand management guidelines (below) to ensure appropriate reproduction of all logos.

E-Z Clor® Logo

E-Z Clor® Algaecides Logo

E-Z Clor® Balancers Logo

E-Z Clor® ShockLogo

E-Z Clor® Supplements Logo

E-Z Clor®Logo (Black)

E-Z Clor®Logo (White)

Brand Management Guidelines

A company’s logo is its calling card – a visual element that immediately identifies the company or brand. Creating a recognizable brand requires across-the-board consistency from all who use the image.

To ensure that the E-Z CLOR logo maintains its brand integrity, we ask that you use the signature color palette defined for the logo (see image below).

E-Z Clor Logo Diagram


E-Z CLOR® offers a wide variety of promotional materials for its dealers. You can request copies of all of the items listed below from your Business Development Representative. When making your request, be sure to include the marketing numbers (listed next to each item). The E-Z CLOR Pool Care Guide and Rebate Coupons may be downloaded and printed (Adobe Acrobat required) from this Web site. Simply select the logo to view or download the publication.

Description Marketing Number
E-Z CLOR Program Booklet MKG-501-0001
E-Z CLOR Authorized Dealer Decal EZC-501-0002
E-Z CLOR Illuminated Face Panels EZC-501-0008
E-Z CLOR Banner EZC-501-0010
E-Z CLOR Authorized Dealer Kit EZC-501-0015
E-Z CLOR Tent Cards EZC-501-0037
E-Z CLOR Reference Pads (with Cardboard Back) EZC-501-0038
E-Z CLOR SALT Reference Pads (with Cardboard Back) EZC-501-0039
E-Z CLOR Pool Care Guides EZC-501-0040
E-Z CLOR Spanish Pool Care Guides EZC-501-5223
E-Z CLOR Ceiling Hanger EZC-501-0065
E-Z CLOR Consumer Rebate Coupon Pads EZC-501-1001
E-Z CLOR Rebate Counter Stand EZC-501-1004
E-Z CLOR Early Buy Postcards (Samples Only) EZC-501-1005
E-Z CLOR 3-step Displays (Display Only) EZC-501-5000
E-Z CLOR Shelf Strip for 3-step Display EZC-501-5001
E-Z CLOR Shelf Reference Page (Loose) EZC-501-5002
E-Z CLOR Complete 3-step Display with all components EZC-501-5003
E-Z CLOR Vertical Display (4 Shelf Overall Unit) EZC-501-5100


E-Z Clor Rebate

MSDS Sheets

Click to view the Material Safety Data Sheets for Ez Clor Chemicals.

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